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It is time to rethink things outside the well-trodden paths. Because the turn of the times is pushing not only founders, but also experienced entrepreneurs and managers to their limits. Even common management theories are often ineffective today. In entrepreneurship, long-term success is now the exception. Failure is the norm today!
Driven by (supposedly) fast money, 55% of founders have to give up within 5 years and a full 90% within 10 years. As a result, many actual entrepreneurs do not even dare to enter the world of entrepreneurship or never try again after a failure. ...
As a former SME entrepreneur and multinational management consultant, «RMK» has over 40 years of 360° entrepreneurship practice. He has guided and advised hundreds of start-ups, founders, SMEs and large corporations to promote excellent entrepreneurship and foster entrepreneurial long-term success.

What he offers as a practical lecturer and author for successful entrepreneurship is to open thinking windows to a different view of things. As an entrepreneur himself, he has experienced numerous ups and downs - just like the entrepreneurs, founders and their companies that he has successfully accompanied. He has also acted as a supervisory board member, chairman or fellow for various organizations for a long time. What he advises succeeds in almost any industry. Because in essence, the decisive success parameters are universal, i.e. the same for most companies and vary only in facets.
He guides you and tells you where the dangers lurk, what you can and should do - and above all, what not to do! He especially mentors in how to set yourself and your company up for crisis-proof and long-term success. His principle: practice breaks theory. Because theory is never enough. «RMK», with its name, therefore stands for and symbolises practice-tested theory.
the new book by «RMK»
WAHRE WERTE (True Values)
STATT SCHNELLES GELD (over fast money)

TV interview with Reinhold M. Karner

How does one become successful as an entrepreneur? And above all, how do you stay successful?

Reinhold M. Karner
"Being successful is not a great art.
The great art is to maintain success over the long term. This is a permanent challenge that works according to its very own rules and mechanisms. Memento mori!"

Why practical competence is urgently needed in entrepreneurship:

For new businesses and start-ups, success is the exception. The norm is failure!
The average lifespan of companies is currently only around ten years.
There is a glaring lack of young entrepreneurs: too few potential qualified founders and successors take the plunge into entrepreneurship.

ERGO: Without entrepreneurship, there will be no progress, no prosperity, no jobs!

The main reasons for this alarming development:

There is a lack of orientation, a "North Star", and thus no practical guard rails within which success is very likely in the long term.
The quick buck is often placed above benefit and value orientation.
Entrepreneurship education is far removed from practice, too theoretical, hardly value-oriented and, with its 180°, only encompasses the fair-weather periods.
Too many theories turn out to be the wrong track and do not pass the practical test.
The culture of classical entrepreneurship is being forgotten.
true values

Instead of shrill messages, what is needed is a well-versed practical standard work for successful entrepreneurship

Does the world need another business success guide? Only if it's radically different. Fascinatingly practical. And only if it is not about quick wins and flashy messages. Because value creation is based on values. This book is the groundbreaking practical guide to being a successful, yet relaxed, enthusiastic and responsible entrepreneur.

WAHRE WERTE (True Values)

STATT SCHNELLES GELD (over fast money)
Reinhold M. Karner shows how you can make your (new) company crisis-proof and maintain your successful course even in difficult times. It is about returning to what has always made outstanding companies so successful: storm-tested commercial virtues and sustainable management. Away from the greed for fast money - and toward value-oriented entrepreneurship that withstands crises and outlasts generations.

What the readers say

Even for me - after almost 50 years as an entrepreneur - the book contains a real treasure of ideas and suggestions.
Prof. Dr. Arnold Weissman
Family Business Expert
Whether start-up or 4th generation family business: This book is the new 'bible' for entrepreneurs who want to become and stay successful!
Alexander Krunic
The "entrepreneur-maker" - multi-entrepreneur, owner of business bestseller VerlagsgmbH
If you have a burning desire to build a great company that lasts, this book is for you! Through his vast experience and wisdom, Reinhold M. Karner channels your energy...
Prof. Oege de Moor, DPhil
em. Oxford prof., creator of GitHub Copilot (Microsoft), founder of Semmle Inc (GitHub Advanced Security).
Here writes a person who has experienced all human and business ups and downs first hand. I recommend this book to all entrepreneurs ...
Hannes Winkler
Multi-entrepreneur, investor
Do you need (another) book for fast success? No, you do not. And what Reinhold M. Karner presents is quite the opposite: it is not about quick successes, shrill messages...
Prof. Dr. Stephan Friedrich von den Eichen
CEO of IMP Innovative Management Partner, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil
Reinhold M. Karner draws on his immense entrepreneurship experience. It is precisely these multi-layered insights that make this book so valuable and ...
Rector Prof. Dr. Andreas Altmann
Rector of MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® -
In our multi-crisis shaken world, we need people with alert minds, tested experience, openness to think "unconventionally conventional" ...
Prof. (FH) Dott. Markus Weishaupt
Family Business Expert, Author of "Radically Different - The DNA of Successful Family Businesses".
A book by a thoroughbred entrepreneur for thoroughbred entrepreneurs. The special charm lies in the authentic voice of Reinhold M. Karner, a mixture of ...
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Stadler
Professor of Strategic Management at Warwick Business School, bestselling author
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Entrepreneurship - deciding wisely, acting boldly instead of waiting, is the order of the day

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