Criticism? It’s the dose that makes the poison

It’s the dose that makes the poison. - A diet of criticism according to a 99:1 rule against the downside of the information age

Interview for Confare - Digitalisation: a human affair

An in-depth interview with Reinhold M. Karner on challenges and an assessment of various trends regarding digitalisation, such as metaverse, artificial intelligence, algorithms, blockchain, Web3 and other tips for CIOs and CDOs.

A humanitarian operation that would checkmate Putin

The Russian attack on Ukraine is not a classic war but borders on genocide. But there is one thing that could end it. Therefore, it would be helpful to reflect on whether our aid to Ukraine in terms of material war support is sufficient or, more precisely, purposeful. Is it enough just to provide weapons, ammunition, and money? Perhaps it is time to organize an unprecedented humanitarian operation.

Pessimism never won any battle

Escaping the vicious circle of negative thinking

The new zeitgeist: Restoring the global order

Recognizing the spirit of the times is elementary, because those who use the flywheel of the zeitgeist - always an essential aspect of the mechanisms for sustainable success - are naturally more successful.

The hour of resilience - prepare for the worst

The upheavals of the young 21st century will challenge businesses and entrepreneurs to leave their comfort zone – and become more resilient.

A modern, humane remuneration model

Which four thought patterns should entrepreneurs and employees overcome? Despite digitalisation, AI and robotics, good and loyal employees are an organisation’s most important and valuable "assets“.