Pessimism never won any battle

Escaping the vicious circle of negative thinking

The new zeitgeist: Restoring the global order

Recognizing the spirit of the times is elementary, because those who use the flywheel of the zeitgeist - always an essential aspect of the mechanisms for sustainable success - are naturally more successful.

The hour of resilience - prepare for the worst

The upheavals of the young 21st century will challenge businesses and entrepreneurs to leave their comfort zone – and become more resilient.

A modern, humane remuneration model

Which four thought patterns should entrepreneurs and employees overcome? Despite digitalisation, AI and robotics, good and loyal employees are an organisation’s most important and valuable "assets“.

How to turn a crisis into an opportunity

Those who keep a cool head in a crisis can turn their weaknesses into positives and emerge stronger.

Business success: Can it be strategically planned?

In addition to internal efforts, companies invest €30 billion annually in strategy consulting. However, numerous studies show that 50 to 90 per cent of all strategic initiatives fail or will not be implemented. But what does it take to achieve strategic success?

Entrepreneurship: Built to last

The average lifespan of companies is shrinking alarmingly. This neo-modern throwaway society of entrepreneurship, almost a new-fangled locust-plague-like culture, is not sustainable.